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How ThetaHealing® heals

By changing the “brainwave loop” to include the “Theta” state,

You can improve your physical and emotional well-being by realizing your intuitive abilities with ThetaHealing Technique through the Creator of All, which creates instant physical and emotional well-being.  you can provide.

ThetaHealing® is a very comprehensive technique that will guide you, as well as the generations before and after you, by enabling you to understand yourself, your ancestors, your family, and your past with a higher awareness.

It will enable you to set new goals by healing the past and freeing yourself from the worries of the future.

This process will help you to enjoy life and contribute to staying in the moment.

This technique is your  It allows you to realize all the blockages that prevent you from being happy, progress, feel safe, and feel love, and liberate you from them.

As you purify, you become free from emotions such as anger, resentment, resentment, regret, and grudge that occupy a large place in your energy field, and you learn how to manage your life in the face of events and problems.

Spouse  As your virtues will increase in time, you can use the famous law of attraction much more effectively and attract what you want into your life.

Our philosophy is to remind others how to reach a better life with the pure essence of love,

  This technique allows us to work with the Creator to help bring harmony in our mind, body, and spirit.



Theta Healing is an important healing modality created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her personal journey of recovery from a leg tumor.

This method is a non-religious meditation technique and a spiritual philosophy.

This training is for body, mind and spirit and gives one the ability to break free from limiting beliefs and live a life filled with positive thoughts through prayer and meditation.


If he knows the technique, the person can study every subject by himself. Especially the first three trainings focus on understanding this technique and making the person competent in this technique.

Using the power of deep theta brainwaves, a practitioner aligns and connects with the Creator of All that is God, the Universe, Source Energy, to initiate a healing for himself or the client's behalf.  

Practitioner  uses the technique of meditation to connect with a higher spiritual force of his own faith and  observe the change.

Creative,  the one who seeks healing directly  while performing on his energy, the person in the position of executor witnesses the transformation.

The purpose of this teaching is to bring your brain into a deep state known as theta.

and through it to renew the connection with the Creator, which will enable you to learn how to facilitate mental, physical, and emotional changes.

Moreover, you will learn how to construct your own reality.

and how everything that happens in your life is with a purpose.

      Helps You Unwind and Progress in Life.



  Release the Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back and Keeping You Small.

The ThetaHealing technique guides you beyond your limits.

It gives you the opportunity to face the excuses and lies you tell yourself about who you are and what you can or cannot do, and see the truth that hides behind them.

A lesson in the pattern takes place, and when you release and forgive yourself and others involved, the barriers that prevent you from reaching your true potential by gaining the absolute power you have and moving forward with ease are removed.


Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over?

and can't figure out how to get over it or break the cycle?

Do the same characters follow you even when you move?

There is a reason! You were supposed to be learning from them

      Most of your "programming" happens in the first 0-7 years of your life.

Whatever the circumstances in which you grew up, whatever beliefs and lifestyles you learned from your family and surroundings, it becomes subliminal programming running in the background that dictates how you live and how you react, or how you respond to life and the characters in it.

If these beliefs are limiting, they can cause conflict later in life as you seek to expand into new forms of being.

If you find yourself asking “why does this happen to me all the time”, figuring out what programs are running behind the scenes and changing them once and for all so you can learn the lesson, break that mold, and move forward with more ease and joy will be life-changing

ThetaHealing technique allows one to see the patterns and essence of the subject.

guides, but more importantly, what their soul is trying to learn by having experience, the “lesson” ends when a client sees what purpose the experience has, what it teaches them, and how it makes them a better person.

The energy is shifted to a higher vibration, allowing a new feedback loop and the client to move forward more easily and with joy.

In other words, the cycle is broken forever because the belief system has been permanently changed on a subconscious level.




ThetaHealing® can help you understand the true root of any health problems you may face. By performing an energetic body scan, your ThetaHealing® practitioner can see what's going on in your body and learn about the negative feelings, emotions, and beliefs that cause it. ThetaHealing® can also restore your vitality by re-energizing your entire being.

         Heal Physical Diseases and Disorders Naturally.

Unresolved negative emotions manifest in your body as physical illness and disorder.

By God's will, Creator, Source, Universe,

Physical diseases and disorders of both the internal and external body can be cured for a full wellness life, to the extent that the client's beliefs allow.


ThetaHealing has the power to rid the body of chronic pain, calm the nervous system, dramatically speed up recovery time, and heal everything from broken bones to mental health conditions.

It can be applied to every organ, tissue and system of the body to promote and enhance our natural state of well-being and vitality.

Essentially, the ThetaHealing process allows the mind and body to be open to receiving healing energy from the Creator so that the body can repair itself in the Highest and best way.

Illness or problem always carries a lesson or virtue to be learned from it.  

However, it should not be forgotten that ThetaHealing® is a supplement to traditional medicine, not a substitute for a doctor.



Many of us have experienced traumatic events in childhood.

These are painful experiences stuck with you that you may have "buried" to "forget" and move on.

But really they are not forgotten. Emotional energy still lives in your mind and body and is often sick until it is finally addressed, lovingly accepted, and released during a private, confidential session.  and it turns into a nuisance.

of this experience  Release the experience when you accept it with gratitude for the virtue it has taught you.

Being as honest with yourself as possible is safe and in your best interest. You surrender yourself to the Creator, you will feel better.

The emotions of trauma, and more specifically, of the traumatic experience, are held in the body like an onion, under layers and layers.

Through a series of gentle sessions, clients can release layer upon layer of the pain they have been carrying for so long until they are ready to see the truth behind it all.

When traumas are healed with this technique, the person is completely removed from the effect of the event and

may shift to a new, more empowering reality.

Any emotional trauma that occurs during a session also has a positive effect on the physical body.

The person will start to feel better in their body and mind.  





Always having fear  it is useful, otherwise it is in our field  we wouldn't.

The purpose of Thetahealing is to see what fear is trying to teach you so you can be free from it.

When you see that it no longer serves you, it is easy to release fear and replace it with a new, encouraging belief.

From a higher perspective, fears are replaced by love and understanding, which is much lighter in your body than fear.



ThetaHealing® can help you release negative emotions that don't serve your highest purpose. Resolving deep negative emotional issues instantly is a truly amazing experience that will change your life. Deeply held negative emotions cause you emotional and sometimes physical pain. Accessing and replacing root causes will bring solutions with notable effects.

Anger, regret, rejection, guilt, shame, blame, fear, worthlessness, loneliness, anger, sadness, grief, judgment, depression, anxiety, or any emotion that makes you feel “bad” is typically known as “emotional baggage.” ThetaHealing can help you release the heavy emotions that you have filled and carried for so long.

Of course, you don't release them all at once, but you release them one by one according to the various experiences you've linked.

There are many layers in this process, but being free from each layer gives you more relaxation and peace to move forward.



Are you looking for more than life? Do you feel like something incredible is going on for you in the distance, but you don't quite understand what it is or whether you can have it?

  ThetaHealing®  It can help you connect the dots, find your way, and release any resistance that is holding you back from being your new reality.

Say goodbye to your fears or unworthiness about making your dreams come true.

ThetaHealing® helps you shift any area of your life for the better.

If you cannot set a goal for the future, there are issues of the past that need to be resolved.



Negative beliefs about finance and money are common in the world today.

Develop a healthier relationship with money and watch how abundance fills your life. ThetaHealing® helps open your belief system about what true wealth really is and provides new tools for how to move forward.







ThetaHealing® lets you hone your career skills and can even show you which career path to take if you're at a crossroads. Again, negative beliefs, emotions, and programs can leave you feeling very stuck. ThetaHealing® helps clear these “stuck” emotions and gives you back the drive, energy and enthusiasm to use the gifts God has given you.  





If you feel very disconnected and unsupported as a result of your upbringing or childhood experiences  ThetaHealing® helps you feel alive and supported by giving you the opportunity to truly know what it feels like to have a healthy home and the love and support of a family.  






Almost everyone will experience setbacks on their journey that can make them feel inadequate. ThetaHealing® will help you in areas such as low self-esteem and low self-esteem by finding the root cause and replacing it with positive emotions, confidence and the ability to shine again.






Your subconscious mind accepts all the expressions you feed it. He does not question them: he immediately begins to act, just according to the statements. Therefore, it is actually a relatively simple state of theta to release negative emotions or thought patterns and infuse positive ones into your subconscious. This is why accessing the subconscious through ThetaHealing® can have such a powerful effect. By bypassing the conscious mind, you can add desired affirmations, statements, and beliefs directly to your subconscious. So if you think true permanent change is impossible, think again!






ThetaHealing® clears the blocks and obstacles you may encounter in your creative expression.

By allowing deep healing to occur, boundless creative energy will flow within you and project outward for all to see and experience, thereby improving your writing, acting, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, poetry, photography, and all other areas of creative expression.





ThetaHealing® enables you to find harmony within and thus harmony with others. By resolving your inner problems, negative beliefs, and emotions, you will find your relationships reach new levels that reflect your new relationship with yourself and your Creator.





Life is about balance, and if you're not having fun, you're not living fully. ThetaHealing® allows you to reach the heart of any problem and solve it, bringing you healing and inspiration that will make you love life and feel great.





ThetaHealing® can positively enhance your spiritual journey by allowing open and direct communication with the Creator of All. This will increase your spiritual growth. Negative beliefs about your relationship with God can be dissolved and replaced with a pure connection with the Creator of All.





"Your brain is smart. It can be trained to do all kinds of things. We train your brain as you recover. We train your brain to remember something your soul already knows how to do."

Vianna Stibal



Is ThetaHealing® the Right Choice for You?


  You can remove the walls you have built for yourself, heal the world, help animals and plants, get rid of your fears and phobias, release old traumas that are holding you back, and cleanse yourself of self-imposed fears that do not serve you.  


ThetaHealing® can help if you're lonely, sick, tired, needing to help others, have a desire to heal the planet, need answers, or just want to claim your right to be a part of All This.

If connecting to the divine spirit that connects and connects everything in existence appeals to you, or you love fulfillment and results, ThetaHealing® may be just what you need.

By learning more about the advantages offered by this technique,

you can easily determine if this is the right option for you.

Let's take a look:


Unlocks your creative potential

Puts an end to fears and phobias

free you from addictions   addiction

and frees from habits

Deepens your spiritual connection

Helps you achieve personal freedom

Makes you feel healthier and better  

Heals physical ailments

Heart Issues - sadness, pain, anger, broken heart. loss

Treats emotional problems and trauma

Helps to be more confident

Shows your dreams and goals

Teaches you how to develop harmonious relationships

Shows how to find your soul mate

Unlocks Your Genius Potential

Reveals your perfect career

Creates abundance and wealth


  • trauma  

  • Unhappiness  

  • Anxiety

Addictions, Allergies, Anger Management, Anxiety  

  • Attachment Phobia, Trust Issues  

  • Depression,

  • Drug Addiction  

  • Emotional Issues  

  • Anxiety  

  • Guilt, Grief  

  • Health Issues, Heart Issues - sadness, pain, anger, broken heart. loss  

  • Jealousy  

  • Loneliness  

  • Motivation  

  • Negative Emotions and Thoughts

  • Obsessed  

  • Panic Attack, Personal Development, Phobias

  • Rejection  

  • self-confidence, Stress , Sexual Problems, Shame, Shyness, Stage Fright  


The great thing about this technique is that it gives you the power to make your life the way you want it.

It's great that there are so many healing modalities in the world today as more and more people awaken and raise their consciousness.

Energy healing has been used for centuries, but  we are now more open to embracing the benefits ourselves.

The ThetaHealing® technique is one such method that has emerged and changed the lives of millions of people.

ThetaHealing is a multidisciplinary approach to energy healing in the sense that it combines science, meditation, psychology and spirituality to offer clients instant life transformations. .

This technique can be applied to any experience or area in life where you want to experience a better change.













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