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Individual session

you are the author of your life



Transform your health, wealth, relationships and success by understanding why you think what you think



What do you think and why  When you realize that you think so, you can redefine your life, experiencing a sense of harmony and having a clear vision of what will happen next.


Our goal is for you to step into your highest potential with abundance, success and an increase in your quality of life in all areas. Results are often effortless and instantaneous.   


What does the session provide for you;


Heals Your Internal Blockages.

Helps You Overcome the Feeling of Being Stuck in Life.

Helps You Heal Anxiety, Depression and Trauma.

Helps You Release Addictions, Fears and Resentments.

It guides us in Resolving Relationship Patterns and Past Karma.

Accelerates the Healing of Diseases and Injuries.

Getting Support while Working with Your Health Team on Chronic Diseases will help you go through the process more easily.

Expand your well-being

Increases Joy, Satisfaction and Vitality.

It helps you find your soul mate and Develop Relationships.

Helps Abundance and Financial Freedom.

Creates Family Cohesion and Connection.

Reaching Life Balance with a Feeling of Play

It provides Self Confidence, Beauty and Adaptation to the Ideal Body.

It guides you in Living your Life Purpose.

It helps in your success and career life.

on a frequency that is compatible with you  Lets You Attract People.

It helps you to see your Talents and Opportunities.


With Thetahealing®,

Deepen Your Intuition and Spiritual Harmony

Rise to Mastery with a Healthy Competitive Mindset

Lead from the Heart - Inspire Others to Improve

What Happens During a ThetaHealing Session?


Typically, a session lasts between half an hour and an hour and a half, and how many sessions you need depends on the problem you want to address.


As explained in Theta Alchemy, the practitioner enables the practitioner to identify the key beliefs that are promoting your emotional or physical problem with the aid of a tool known as a pickax, dissolve and reach the bottom of multiple layers of belief, thereby eliminating other beliefs attached to it.


Another important aspect of a ThetaHealing session is that the practitioner checks through muscle testing to discover if you hold certain beliefs; Remember that anything done during a session requires your approval, so a simple yes indicates your readiness for the new reality.


Sessions are held in a safe and supportive space where the practitioner and those involved can freely explore all aspects of their lives that they want to change or improve .

How to prepare for a session:

There is nothing necessary to prepare for a session, you can come as you are.

just lots of water  from drinking  be sure.

If you want to focus on a particular problem or manifestation in your life, we'll start there. 

We will discuss what you want to change in your life and move on to a series of questions and dialogues to uncover any blockages.

A  While the session can be applied in any setting, being in a quiet space to connect with your energy and read on you is ideal to begin with.

It can be done via Zoom, by phone, or face-to-face.


Most likely, by recognizing an instant transformation, you will experience a shift in perspective and how you feel within the session.

Some people will see a clear change after a sleep cycle, giving their subconscious an opportunity to reset their patterns, or the change may become apparent and manifest within days or weeks.

Final Thoughts on ThetaHealing


Undoubtedly, this technique is thought to help people resolve their emotional and physical struggles, and it teaches to unify the conscious and unconscious self, thoughts and desires in harmony with their life experiences, with the aim of achieving a better quality of life.


These sessions are becoming increasingly popular due to the continued positive testimonials and capacity to take your body, mind and spirit to the next level. Moreover, by helping you get rid of thought patterns that make you sick or create obstacles with friends and family, this method clears the mind, elevates your strength and freedom, and harmonizes your life.

Working with ThetaHealing® is intended to impact your life with a smooth, effortless transition rather than a dramatic lightning strike. All of a sudden, you'll realize that you've already gotten what you wanted.



My purpose is to guide you with Love


Everything in your session is strictly private.




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